Case Study:


BoostMe360 is a web & Mobile based platform that helps job seekers put their best foot forward while enabling businesses to find the right staff for short-term jobs.

Project Overview

We used the following technology to achieve the desired outcome.

Core technologies used:

  • Laravel
  • Foundation
  • Angular 6
  • MySQL
  • Android Native

Bespoke Software Build.

Based on the brief received form client we opted to develop Custom Web Application. Some of the systems features Include:

  • Employer management system.
  • Candidate managment system.
  • Candidate & employer profile builder.
  • eCommerce booking engine.
  • Moodle Integration for online learning.
  • Rating based points system.
  • Comprehensive administrative system. (CMS)

Native Android

The majority of Job seekers targeted by Boostme 360 only have access to the internet via their phones, and thus a light weight mobile app was built to cater for the on-demand needs when finding, palcing and managing short term jobs between employers and candidates.

Some features include:

  • Profile builder.
  • Push Notifications.
  • GEO targeted search features.
  • Booking and scheduling system.