Case Study:

CAs Online

CAs Online is a digital catalogue of prospective Chartered Accountants who are completing or have recently completed their articles.

Project Overview

We used the following technology to achieve the desired outcome.

Core technologies used:

  • MySQL
  • Angular
  • Bootstrap
  • Symfony

Design (Ux,UI)

We followed an Iterative design methodology based on a cyclic process of prototyping, testing, analyzing, and refining the design. Based on the results of testing the most recent iteration of the design, changes and refinements were made to achieve the desired rerults.

  • We completed an initial interface design.
  • Presented the design to several test users.
  • Noted any problems the test users had.
  • Refined the interface to account for and fix the problems.
  • We repeated steps 2-4 until the user interface problems were resolved.

Bespoke Development

Due to the goals set out by client, we decided to build a bespoke platform tailored to match the specific needs and objectives of CAs Online. Some features include:

  • Fully responsive layout.
  • WhatsApp messenger Integration.
  • Custom Content Management System (CMS)
  • SMS & Email notifications through Sendgrid.
  • Spark post video integration.
  • Geolocation search features.

Our Work

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