Technical scoping

Project scope helps to distinguish what is and isn’t involved in the project. It identifies priorities, outlines the user journey and structures the communication architecture.
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Planning is key to successfully developing, designing, building and deploying digital platforms. The following documentation is key in defining your project.

These are your high-level business goals. What do you want to your project, and your service provider, to achieve? Typically, these are provided as bullet points.


Functional specs are an essential step in building cutting-edge technology. Think of this as your brand’s tech bible for software developers. This formal document defines, in detail, what your product’s intended capabilities, appearance, and users interactions must be to ensure implemented.


To make sure your project/product has growth potential, a non-functional specification document is important. While this doesn’t involve the functionality of the product, it does detail goals like reliability, scalability, security, integration, etc.


Think of building a digital platform like building a house, you’ll need blueprints to give a comprehensive architectural overview. By using a number of different architectural views to depict different aspects of the operating system, it captures and conveys the significant architectural decisions which have been made.

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