Wireframing & Prototyping

First impressions count. A lot. Ensuring your platform is user-friendly and beautifully built comes down to planning, plotting, and prototyping.
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Project scope helps to distinguish what is and isn’t involved in the project. It identifies priorities, outlines the user journey and structures the communication architecture.

A Wireframe is the first real process for a project, it turns abstract ideas into something tangible.

Instead of trying to combine the functionality/layout and creative/branding aspects of the platform in one step, wireframes ensure that these elements are taken in one at a time.


Wireframing maps out how easy or difficult certain features of the site will be to use, as well as how useful they’ll actually be.

  • Do the drop-down menus clarify or confuse?
  • Are the breadcrumbs helpful or a hindrance?

Basically, it lets us figure out whether the overall scheme is intuitive, incomprehensible or somewhere in between.


Usability is the basic requirement of design.

Creating wireframes pushes usability to the forefront in showcasing page layouts at their core.

During the wireframing process, you can figure out the optimal font size, arrange fonts, head position and content quantity.

Smart? We think so too.

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